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Division of Academic Affairs

Class Wish List

The Class Wish List allows for class and schedule verification. When registration appointments are enabled for a semester, the Class Wish List becomes available for use. It saves the classes in a Wish List Shopping Cart and allows you to verify the schedule and/or your eligibility to enroll in the class. When your registration appointment day and time arrive, you can then register for your classes either from the Wish List Shopping Cart or the Class Enrollment Shopping Cart.

Instructions to Add Classes to Your Wish List

Log in to "My Fresno State." (Use your Fresno State email user name and password. If you have not established a Fresno State email account, click Get An Account Now below login button.)

  1. Under My Menu, click on Student Self Service -> Student Center -> My Academic Records & Registration (Click on the green arrow at the left of the bar.)
  2. Click on "Class Wish List."
  3. Select the term. (If the term you want is not listed, call the Admissions Office at (559) 278-2261 during normal business hours.)
  4. Enter a 5-digit Class Number in the Class Number box.
    • Click Enter. This will bring you to a new page that allows you to verify your request; change your grading option; enter a permission number; and, if necessary, select a related component, such as a lab.
    • Click Next to proceed. (Located at the bottom of the screen).
  5. If you do not know the 5-digit class number, use the Search feature to find open classes.
    • Enter the course subject and course number (i.e. HIST 12) and click Search (leave the box checked to show open classes only).
    • If you find a class you want to add, click on the Select Class button to add it to your Class Wish List.
  6. You can place additional courses in the Enrollment Shopping Cart by repeating the instructions described in Steps 5 & 6 above. If you want to delete a class, click on the Trash Bin.
  7. Check the Select box and click the Verify button to determine if there are time conflicts or you meet the pre-requisites for classes.
  8. Check the Status column for possible errors with your registration.
  9. To enroll from the Class Wish List, check the Select box for that class and click on the enroll button.

The courses in your Class Wish List will be in your Class Enrollment Shopping Cart when your registration appointment day/time arrives and you can follow the registration instructions to enroll from there.

Need Help? Call the Technology Service Desk at (559) 278-7000,
7:00 am-9:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am-5:00 pm on Saturday.