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Division of Academic Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions will be updated and added to as we receive more student questions.

  • To increase retention, help you stay in college and to reduce the time it takes to graduate from Fresno State,
  • assist first-generation college students,
  • provide a learning community of peers for social and academic support.
  • and provide an opportunity for students to access tablet technology.

In 2009, Fresno State developed the First Year Experience program to support first-time freshman needing to take English and math remediation and who are the first generation in their family to attend college. 

There are no additional classes. Every class you take will fulfill either the remediation requirements for English and math or the General Education (GE) requirements. Many of these GE courses on campus have class sizes of 200 or more, making a one-to-one relationship with the teacher difficult. 

  • It has been proven that FYE students have on average a higher GPA than other students after the first semester.
  • Extra support during your freshman year
  • Required English and Math classes are built into your program
  • Easy registration – all classes bundled 
  • Dedicated faculty chosen to work together to support the 100 students
  • Opportunity to form lifetime friendships
  • Special support services are provided 
  • Classes guaranteed for both the Fall & Spring semesters
  • Use of EPortfolio
  • Opportunity to be part of the DISCOVERe tablet initiative

All those asked to apply are first-time, first generation freshmen who have met Fresno State admissions requirements and need to complete remediation courses in English and Math while beginning their college experience. You must meet Early Start requirements to be admitted to Fresno State

Only if they received an email invitation to apply.

Fall 2017 Courses:

  • English 5A (remediation requirement)*
  • Math 4R lecture & activity (remediation requirement)*
  • Literacy & Early Education 80T (GE Area E1)
  • Political Science 2 (GE Area D2)
  • Communication 8 (GE Area A1)

Spring 2018 Courses:

  • English 5B (GE Area A2)*
  • History 12 (GE Area D1)
  • Biology 10 lecture & lab (GE Area B2)
  • Interdisciplinary 50 (GE Area A3)

*Some FYE students may be eligible to drop from English 5A & 5B and Math 4R. For questions or to check your eligibility, please call or email Angelica Pizaña in the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 559.278.4468 or 

YES. You can take one additional course in the Spring. The course should be a major course or another GE class. To assist your success in this first year, It is NOT recommended that you take more than one other academic class without special advising.

YES. All students invited to apply need the English and Math courses and all other courses apply to the required GE program needed for all majors.

English 5A helps you meet the English remediation requirement, English 5B meets the GE English requirement, and Math 4R helps you meet the math remediation requirement if all courses are passed successfully. 

NO. If you apply and accept your invitation into the program, you must participate for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

You have the opportunity to earn 21-30 units toward graduation.

You can earn 21 units of GE credit with the FYE courses.. You will meet the areas of  A1, A2, A3, B2, D1, D2, & E. You can earn 24 units if you take an additional GE or major course in spring.

Students will be required to take and remain in all 15 units in the fall and 12 units in the spring. Courses will be linked and selected courses cannot be dropped. 

Some FYE students may be eligible to drop from English 5A & 5B and Math 4R. For questions or to check your eligibility, please call or email Angelica Pizaña in the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 559.278.4468 or 

There will be time blocks but FYE is a full-time student schedule and working is a personal decision. You have some of the afternoon and evening for employment. Remember, you need to allow for study time each day while in college. One hour in class requires 2-3 hours of studying.

Fresno State is an engaged university; providing services to our region and community. As a cohort your faculty will link course conversations with services and issues in our community, allowing for a deeper connection with course objectives and learning outcomes. Service learning engages students in a meaningful civic service directly related to course readings and lectures. 

NO. We anticipate this program will be popular due to the support offered and the guaranteed courses. Out of a large pool of applicants, approximately 100 of the best-qualified students will be chosen.

YES. Once you have been selected you will be registered into your courses. You will not have the experience of closed courses or wait lists. Your courses will be available to you on your student portal in early August.

Students selected will be notified prior to Dog Days. Please watch your Fresno State email for an email. Alternates will be notified if a space opens up during the summer.

Students will automatically be registered in classes for the fall and spring semesters. Assistance will be available for students who need help registering for the additional spring course.

You will register for your classes starting with the fall semester (registration is in April) of your second year. We will provide assistance if needed, with the registration process. For assistance with course choices, it is best to make an appointment with the University Advising Center or the advising center in the college of your major.

The main form of communication at Fresno State is Fresno State e-mail. If you have not already done so, it is HIGHLY recommended that you access your Fresno State e-mail account (go to 'Settings' and then 'Accounts') and list your personal e-mail address so a copy of everything sent to your Fresno State e-mail automatically forwards to your personal e-mail account. By doing this, you only need to check your personal e-mail and will not be left out of important notices, announcements, etc.

First-time freshmen are often unaware they are held accountable for the information that is sent to their Fresno State e-mail by the various offices on campus (eg., Admissions, Financial Aid, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, etc.) and we want your first experiences at Fresno State to be positive.