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Eighteen Parents Honored at Completion Ceremony

Eighteen parents in the rural disadvantaged community of Mendota (Fresno County) were honored on April 24th for completing a 9-week course that equipped them with 21st century digital literacy skills. The course was sponsored by Chevron and delivered through OCED’s Fresno State Parent University program. 

Representatives for Chevron, Fresno State, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, and California State Senator Anna Caballero delivered congratulatory remarks to program participants and their families.

“We understand that in order for students to be successful, it is important for them to have the support of their parents and families – which is why Chevron partnered with Fresno State to support Parent University. Through this program, parents not only learn useful skills that will support their own career goals, but also become more involved in their students’ development, which usually results in students earning higher grades, test scores and overall success,” said Marc Guzman, a reservoir supervisor with Chevron at the completion ceremony in Mendota. The event marked a bit of a homecoming for Guzman who was raised in Mendota. 

In addition, each program participant received a certificate of recognition from U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, U.S. Representatives Jim Costa and T.J. Cox, and State Senator Anna Caballero.

Completion ceremony honorees included:

  • Leonor Agredano
  • Gilma Alfaro
  • Nicole Castellanos
  • Lucia de la Rosa
  • Norma Duarte
  • Morena Escobar
  • Maria Guillen
  • Rafaela Lara
  • Elvia Larios
  • Angelica Mccoy
  • Ofelia Ochoa
  • Guadalupe Portillo
  • Herlinda Ramirez
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Maria De Jesus Rodriguez
  • Silvia Santos
  • Maria Elva Zamora
  • Martha Zarate