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Busy Month for Community & Regional Planning Center



Walking Audit City of Farmersville

Farmersville data collection began August 28th and ended December 15th. Completing all 6 sectors along with its major Corridors streets Walnut Avenue, Farmersville Blvd, and Visalia Rd. Streets were walked and surveyed in detail by gathering information for each street side. Along with this report Fresno State OCED has provided two binders with the completed original surveys/images, a flash drive with all photos taken, scanned copies of the surveys, and an excel sheet with all the data counts.

Overall information gathered and observed by CSU Fresno staff, was that blight, higher slopes, untethered dogs, and uncomfortable walking conditions increased south of Ash St in sectors D, E, and F more so than others.

As for bus stop signs or shelters were only found near the city’s major corridors like Walnut Ave, Farmersville Blvd, and Visalia Rd.

Biking lanes only found along some sections of Farmerville Blvd, and Visalia Rd.


Number of Walking Audit Surveys Completed by Sector:

A-      53 Sheets

B-      77 Sheets

C-     7 Sheets

D-     86 Sheets

E-      114 Sheets

F-      72 Sheets


GIS Workshop at Fresno States

December 7th 2018 Students and Faculty of Fresno State invited local and city and Regional planners to attend our Free GIS Workshop hosted on campus. The goal was to demonstrate how to create a community opportunity index (COI) for cities based on certain socioeconomic attributes that are accessible from online databases. Geography students Kevin Mitchell and Imelda Marquez presented the workshop. Dr. Chih-Hao Wang and Dr. Stuart McFeeters.

With a sold out registration of 33 planners interested in attending, 24 planners made it to the workshop. The workshop showed planners where to locate information from the Census Bureau, showed them some examples on how to design and introduced them to a shapedile. Planners were demonstrated how to standardize a variable and sum them up as an index. They were then given time to work on it and had questions answered.

The success of this workshop has given Fresno state faculty, students and OCED staff room to brainstorm for a similar workshop held in 2019.