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San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium Participates in CEFT Meeting 



On Dec 6-7 2018, OCED staff; Eduardo Gonzalez, Claudia Sanchez and Luz Ezquivel attended the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) Learning Community Meeting in Los Angeles California in efforts to share best practices in Broadband infrastructure, access and adoption. During the two-day meeting, Community based organizations across the state shared resources and best practices in administering internet adoption programs.  OCED staff shared program 2018 highlights and overall adoption data for the Fresno State Call Center and the Fresno State REFRESH computer program, initiatives of the San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium administered by OCED. Participants learned about new strategies to bring new infrastructure to the San Joaquin Valley including a new innovative USDA pilot program: The ReConnect Program.

The ReConnect Program offers unique federal financing and funding options in the form of loans, grants, and loan/grant combinations to facilitate broadband deployment in areas of rural America that don’t currently have sufficient access to broadband. This pilot program will generate private sector investment to deploy broadband infrastructure to provide high-speed internet e-Connectivity to as many rural premises as possible, including homes, community facilities for healthcare and public safety, schools, libraries, farms, ranches, factories, and other production sites.

  • Eligible applicants must be able to supply retail broadband to customers.
  • The awards made under this program will bring high-speed broadband to rural areas that lack sufficient access to broadband.
  • The delivery of broadband connection and high-quality service will enable technologies critical to rural communities, such as precision agriculture.
  • The pilot program will fuel long-term economic development and opportunities in rural America.

USDA Rural Development will host a series of informational webinars and workshops to provide more information on the ReConnect Program. Please visit for up-to-date information on these events.

For additional information about the San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium, the Fresno State Call Center or the Fresno State REFRESH computer program please call 559-278-0542