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Office of Community and Economic Development

Parent University hosts its second Digital Literacy Program


The Fresno State Parent University hosted its second Digital Literacy Program on February 3, 2020, in Mendota.

OCED is offering the Digital Literacy 2 advanced course, which is free to all parents in the Mendota community. This course will teach parents to work with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Apps, basic research, social networking sites, and advanced computer security measures.

The purpose of the Digital Literacy Program is to equip parents with essential skills that will allow them to help their children succeed academically.

The Digital Literacy 1 course was previously offered in the fall and was very successful. The Digital Literacy 2 class was split up into two groups. This way, the more advanced parents helped the ones who are barely starting the program. 

All three instructors are Fresno State Alumni and are constantly engaged with all the parents.