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Housing Policy Workshop Keeps SJV Stakeholders Updated on Policy Changes



The San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative is jointly administered by OCED and the California Coalition for Rural Housing, and focuses on regional solutions to promote affordable housing. On June 13, the Collaborative hosted a group of 80 stakeholders from throughout the San Joaquin Valley at the Tulare Energy Education Center for an Affordable Housing Workshop. Attendees included city planners, developers, code enforcement agents, and state housing officials, among others.

The workshop included three sessions where participants were given the opportunity to learn about new housing policy, and share their feedback. The first session was delivered by representatives from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), which provided an opportunity for audience members to provide input and perspectives on the 2017 state housing package. The discussions and insights from those working in the San Joaquin Valley will play a crucial role in how a tremendous piece of legislation like the housing package will be implemented.

Following HCD's engaging session, Housing California presented information on federal and state policies at play in San Joaquin Valley communities. Housing California is an organization devoted to the idea that no human should be homeless, with everyone having access to safe and affordable housing. Housing California explained the sometimes confusing nature of tremendous measures like the housing package. Lastly, attendees heard from representatives from Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability and California Rural Legal Assistance, which helped contextualize the policies for the Valley and its residents.

Looking ahead, the SJV Housing Collaborative will be hosting its annual Affordable Housing Summit in Stockton this fall. The summit will take place at the Stockton Hilton on October 2nd. For more information on the summit, contact Alicia Sebastian at (916) 443-4448 or visit