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Office of Community and Economic Development

Call Center Spotlight: Nashelli Rodriguez



Nashelli is a senior at Fresno State majoring in Spanish. She wants to help people communicate with anyone by interpreting for them what they need and want to know without having a language barrier. Communicating with people who don’t know Spanish or not knowing English is something she faced when she was younger and still does with her parents so she wants to help families communicate with whoever they need to. Nashelli joined Fresno State Connect as a call center representative in February 2020, where she helps people get access to low-cost internet as well as getting a $15 discount on their cell phone with Boost Mobile Wireless. 


What do you find most rewarding working for a call center?

What I find most rewarding about working at the call center is having such a supportive team. Every single call representative is always there to support you and help you on anything you need. Everyone is so positive and encouraging.


Have you learned any new skills by working at a call center, if so, what are they?

Working at the call center I have definitely learned some new skills. One of those skills is definitely being more social. I usually am not a person who likes to interact with people but working at the call center has made me realize it’s not that bad and I now enjoy making calls on a daily basis.


Do you have a favorite quote?

One of my favorite quotes is “Everything happens for a reason” and I live by that. No matter the situation you're in or how hard times maybe you just have to trust the process and know that everything does happen for a reason. You may not understand why it is happening right at the moment but at the end you will know that that had to happen in order for the better to come.


What advice would you give new hires?

One thing I would tell new hires is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s okay to not know everything right at the start, we were all there at one point. Get ready to make new friends and welcome to the OCED family.


What would people never guess you do in your role?

People would never guess that I am a call representative and that my role is making calls and actually interacting with people on a daily basis because like I mentioned prior in one of the questions, I am not usually a big fan of interacting with people and well in this position taking to people is what I do.  They would be surprised that I took this job but even more surprised that I enjoy my job and that I love doing what I do since I have to talk with people.