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Fresno Community Choice Energy Business Forum


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The City of Fresno is considering Community Choice Energy in its future. On June 5, 2019, the Clean Power Exchange hosted a business forum educating and discussing Community Choice Energy. Speakers at the forum consisted of Fresno City Councilmember; Luis Chavez, General Manager of Valley Clean Energy; Mitch Sears, local business owners, and members of the community. The energy business forum discussed what Community Choice Energy is, its potential benefits, and how it could impact business and the local economy.

What is Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy is a program that understands the demands for energy of the local community and puts the power of energy in their own hands. Community Choice Energy programs source their own energy and use a utility company (PG&E) to deliver that energy to the customer. The utility company (PG&E) still delivers electricity, maintains power lines, and provides billing.

What are the benefits of a Community Choice Energy program?

Community Choice Energy programs main benefits are local control/rate setting, community reinvestment, and cleaner energy options. Community Choice Energy programs source their own energy that meets the demands of the local economy. It allows local agencies to purchase electricity that meets their local needs at competitive rates. Community Choice Energy programs reinvest in the community through net revenues. PG&E shares net revenues with shareholders, where Community Choice Energy programs return the net revenues to the municipalities. Community Choice Energy programs give cleaner energy options by only sourcing their energy from sustainable energy sources.

How can Community Choice Energy programs help local businesses?

The central valley is a hub for industry and manufacturing. Our local industries depend heavily on energy consumption, causing energy costs to be a call for concern. Lower energy costs incentivize industries to do business in the central valley and to keep our own business here.

Energy is key to the development and sustainability of the central valley.  The Community Choice Energy Business Forum discussed the potential benefits and impacts on our local economy, of a Community Choice Energy program. A potential feasibility study for Community Choice Energy is the next step for Fresno to put the power of energy in our own hands.


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