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Phase Two – Quantitative Data Collection


October 2018,Central Valley Community Foundation with the James Irvine Foundation awarded a grant for the implementation of the Communities Organized for Resident Empowerment (CORE) Initiative. The CORE Initiative seeks to build the capacity of small and emerging community-based organizations that are facilitating resident empowerment and leadership development at the neighborhood level.

The award went to a team of three: Integral Community Solutions Institute (ICSI), Fresno State OCED, and Dr. Kizzy Lopez of Fresno Pacific University. Together they proposed there evaluation/ consultancy plan to consist of five components of inquiry and phases of evaluation to be completed by the end of the 2019 calendar year.

The phases consist of a pre-survey for constituents, semi structured interviews, document analysis, preliminary findings, post surveys with constituents and leaders. Currently in phase 2 of the CORE Initiative, OCED staff Frida Cardoza and Nick Martinez distributed and collected constituent surveys that will measure their experiences and interactions with their designated organizations. The CORE Initiative selected 8 organizations that will use the evaluation report as a tool to strengthen their residents and organizational capacity. CORE Initiative team members will be working with the following 8 selected organization:


Hopeful Encounter

Chinatown Fresno Foundation

El Dorado Park

Every Neighborhood

Jakara Movement

Live Again Fresno

Lowell CDC

St. Rest CDC