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Office of Community and Economic Development


Parent University Partnered with California Emerging Technology Fund

Fresno State Parent University filmed a video for the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) on January 22, 2020, where parents and instructors discussed in-depth the class that took place in Madera First Five as part of the Parent University program. 

The video can be found on Youtube in the Office of Community & Economic Development, Fresno State channel and it has Spanish subtitles to reach out to all community members. 

Besides being a great publicity tool for Parent University, this video will reach out to millions of people with testimonials from instructors, which some are Fresno State Alumni, and parents who are part of the program. 

Emily Lazaro, the program coordinator for Fresno State Parent University, explains the goal of Parent University in the community while Sandra Villegas is one of the testimonials in the video. Villegas explains how the classes will improve her communication skills to help her everyday life activities and communicate better with her children’s teachers. 

The main goal of this video is to reach out to the public, especially parents in rural communities, school districts, and organizations to inform them of the resources that Parent University has for the community. 


To watch the video: