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Office of Community and Economic Development




Fresno State's Call Center Continues to Reach the Community at the Mexican Consulate


call center
call center


On Saturday, May 18, Fresno State Call Center was present at the Health Fair which is organized by the Mexican Consulate, the event was performed inside the facilities from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and Luz Ezquivel and Claudia Sánchez were promoting the broadband initiative, giving information to the community of the benefits of having Internet at home and what are the requirements to connect them with the different internet companies that exist in the Central Valley. Their role as the Call Center is to help close the digital divide across the Central Valley connecting communities to low-cost internet.

 The Internet is an essential component to modern life, everything is beginning to revolve around technology and Internet has become a necessity for rural communities not only to help them stay connected but also to help provide equal opportunities to disadvantaged areas.