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Office of Community and Economic Development

Call Center Spotlight: Lilian De Leon



Lilian De Leon was born and raised in Southern California and has now lived in Fresno for the past six years. She joined Fresno State Connect in January 2020 as a Call Center representative. As she continues to study English Education at Fresno State, she is always eager to explore, learn, and develop new skills as a student and an employee.


Have you learned any new skills by working at a call center, if so what are they?

A unique skill that I have learned from working at the call center is responsiveness. With a time limit and overall goal for the day, it is very important to react quickly and positively. I have never felt so confident to make multiple calls an hour and not fear a single call as I used to when I heard an incoming call. Being responsive was not a skill I came in with, to this day it still improves every day.


What was your first job?

My first job was being a student worker at Washington Union. A student worker was a part of the maintenance team for my high school; we were assigned a section of the school to clean and had a time frame to have classrooms ready for the next day. I worked there for two years and I definitely enjoyed this job but am happy that I no longer smell bleach or Lysol and do not have to take gum off from the desk! 


What’s a skill you learned when you were young that you still use today?

A skill that I learned at a young age and still use today is writing. I have always loved to write! From writing short stories, going to poetry competitions, and tutoring others, this skill is one that has impacted me greatly. This ultimately led me to my career choice as an English Education Major. With creativity and passion, I definitely could see myself in the future guiding, listening, and supporting my students.