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Grassroots Outreach Efforts Important to Closing Region's Digital Divide



On November 27 Fresno State Call Center Program assistants, Claudia Sanchez and Luz Ezquivel visited the community of Selma  at The Estrella Market from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. discussing and promoting our broadband initiative. The Call center at Fresno State helps connect communities to low cost internet. Our role as the Call Center is to help close the digital divide across the Central Valley.

Internet is an essential component to the modern life, everything is beginning to revolves around technology and Internet has become a necessity for communities such as Selma and other areas not only to help them stay connected but also to help provide equal opportunities to disadvantaged areas.

One of many reason why our team is visiting these communities is because as part of the broadband initiative certain areas qualify to take home a free Chromebook when applying through Fresno State Call Center. Our team provides different internet option based on the zip codes of that area, and prices start as low as $9.95/ per month. 

How the process works in having our team connect the communities to low cost internet is by first making sure there is internet available in the area, then our team members will ask a short series of question where they will determine if the client is prequalified, if qualified the client will be connected to one of the internet providers in their area.

Fresno State Call Center will be visiting many communities across the Central Valley in the upcoming months, make sure to stay in touch via Facebook (San Joaquin Valley Rural Development) to find out if they’ll be in your area next!