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Notes From Ish

Ismael Herrera


While seasons inevitably change, it’s a blessing when you have partners who remain constant year in, year out. As the weather cooled and leaves began to change color and fall, our team spent the month of October sustaining long-standing, valued relationships with partners through various activities. We began the month by helping deliver one of the region’s signature housing events. We continued by co-hosting a prominent international delegation in Fresno with federal, state and local partners. We also added another chapter to an almost decade-long collaboration with one of our closest partners on campus. This month we also introduce you to a new collaboration that just got underway with long-time federal partner USDA. We also continued working with UC Cooperative Extension on advancing value-added products such as moringa. Lastly, we reacquaint you with Frida Cardoza, who after a 1-year hiatus, recently began her second stint with OCED.

Until next month...

Ismael D. Herrera, Jr.
Interim Executive Director