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Staff Spotlight Frida Cardoza


Frida Cardoza


Frida graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelors in Commercial Recreation and Event Planning and interned at the Fresno State Office of Community and Economic Development in fall 2016. During her time with OCED she served as a part time project assistant for the Community and Regional Planning Center.

During her time as a project assistant she help coordinate the 6th Annual Affordable Housing Summit, and 2017 Code Enforcement Symposium for the San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative. She helped administer the organizations budget and provided support to the board of directors. She also co-coordinated two summits for the Department of Recreation Administration at Fresno State.

She then left OCED in spring 2017 to pursue a full time job at Employers Outsourcing Inc. where she served as an underwriter administrator for the workers compensation department. During her time there she updated the companies files and input data into the company’s payroll software. The position also allowed her to coordinate with billing, accounting, payroll and the claims department to make sure the company ran efficiently. 

Frida came back to OCED a year later when the position for Community and Regional Planning Center Coordinator opened and has had many exciting projects to wrap up this year and to continue working on in 2019. OCED held the 7th Annual Affordable Housing Summit: The future Valley early this month.

Currently Frida is  working on a Walking Audit for the City of Farmersville which will be completed December 2018, Code Enforcement Symposium set for December 2018, working on a GIS workshop with the Department of Geography at Fresno State, and in 2019 she will be with the Department of Recreation Administration for their 2019 San Joaquin Valley Facilities Summit.


Who inspires you?

My Dad. The amount of work he has on his plate is immense and he manages to juggle all his responsibilities while carrying his workload.


What was the best concert you've ever attended?

August 25th 2018 Marco Antonio Solis at the Save Mart Center. My sister and I took our mom to her first concert there and she had the funniest comment throughout the show. Amazing performance!!


What are you passionate about?

Ethnic foods and learning about all the history behind the plates.


What's your favorite movie?

Any Leonardo DiCaprio film.


What's your favorite local meal?

Chilaquiles con Asada from Guadalajara Restaurant on N. Weber Ave. The plate is complimented by papas con queso and beans. The chilaquiles are topped off with an egg sunnyside up! The spice level never fails.


What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

I would like to go backpacking in Peru.