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Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Project

Web Accessibility

The CSU is committed to ensuring accessibility of its web sites, web content and web applications for people with disabilities. It is the right thing to do, the smart thing to do, and it is the law.

Further information regarding training and resources is available at the Cal State ATI- Web Accessibility site:

Fresno State ATI Web Accessibility Plans

  • Test and validate all sites moving into the Web Content Management System (WCMS).
  • Develop a strategy for identifying and testing all non-WCMS sites.
  • Develop a system to track accessibility tests per site, including site owner, test dates, notification of non-compliance, recommended remediation, retest dates, and outcomes.
  • Develop a web accessibility monitoring program that includes shared responsibility for testing and remediation across campus entities.
  • Develop a process and documentation for non-WCMS sites to test, to have access to Compliance Sheriff, and to report to related committees as needed.

Web Accessibility- Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is web accessibility?
  • Why is web accessibility important?
  • What is the cost of developing accessible websites?
  • What are the benefits for making our web site and information technology accessible?
  • What about retrofitting the existing site?
  • What are the characteristics of an accessible web site?
  • What are some accessible web design principles?
  • What steps should web developers follow when creating an accessible web site?
  • If we don't have any employees who are disabled, do we still have to make our intranet accessible?
  • Do I have to "dumb down" my site in order to make it accessible?
  • Must we make web sites accessible if instead we can accommodate a person with a disability in a non-technical manner?
  • What about the documents that people post unto the site?
  • Do we have to be concerned about the accessibility of the documents?

Details on the Fresno State ATI Web Accessibility Accomplishments can be found on the Annual Reports and Campus Plan.

Click here to link to Annual Reports

The Web Accessibility Subcommittee was charged by the CO to identify, test and evaluate the top 30 campus websites as a baseline for Section 508 compliance. The campus standard for compliance was based upon the prior 2005 "Clean Up the Web" campaign (initial funding was provided by the Office of the Provost and approved by the Senior Technology Leadership Team).

In 2006, web server statistics and a survey of students with disabilities were used to identify the top campus websites and update them using the Clean Up the Web toolkit where possible. The websites that were involved in this focused activity included: Class Schedule, Admissions Records, and Evaluations, Advising Services, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Library, Technology Service Desk, Campus Accessibility Map-access4u, Campus Search, Campus Home Page, Catalog Office, and Kennel Bookstore. Work continued with the Clean Up the Web campaign in converting campus websites to use the Clean Up the Web standard toolkit.

A new phase in web accessibility began in 2010 with the formation of the Office of Web Services (OWS) that was a result of the campus Information Technology reorganization. OWS has a designated staff position that is focused on web accessibility. The OWS is also working with University Communications to update the Fresno State Web Style Guide with a new look and feel for all campus websites while being mindful of accessibility issues. OWS also selected and obtained a web Content Management System that will replace the previous methods of creating and maintaining campus web pages. Accessibility was one of the criteria used in selecting this new system and will contribute towards web accessibility compliance at Fresno State.

Accessibility Resources