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Early Assessment Program

For 12th Graders

Not Sure If You Participated in the EAP?

More than 80% of high school seniors participate in the EAP during their junior year. To check if you took the EAP go to the website. Click the “Get College-Ready with the EAP” link and check your EAP status on-line.

Preparation is Key!

Students who receive a ready status are exempt from having to take remedial classes. These students are eligible to enroll in college credit bearing courses at the CSU or a participating CCC. Students without this status must take a more serious approach to their senior year coursework. Completing appropriate 12th grade English and math courses will result in students being better prepared for their collegiate studies.

How Will You Benefit From the EAP?

  • Avoid spending time and money in college remediation courses that do not count towards a bachelor’s degree.
  • Skip the required CSU English and/or mathematics placement tests.
  • Allow for the opportunity to use your senior year to improve your English and math skills.
  • Earn an exemption from participating in the CSU Early Start Program.
  • Earn an exemption from the CBEST; an exam you are required to take if your goal is to become a teacher.

Get Off to a Good Start

Improving your math and English skills is one of the most important things you can do to get ready for college or university studies.

Plan for Success

Students need to pass the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Exam and the English Placement Test (EPT) to avoid enrolling in non-credit college level courses at the CSU. The time to begin preparing for these exams is now.

Prepare for Math

  • Visit the CSU Success Website
  • Click on the Math Success link
  • Click on the “Exam Prep” tab
  • Select the “Online Personalized ELM Exam Tutorial” link
  • Begin practicing now

Prepare for English

  • Visit the CSU Success Website
  • Click on the English Success link
  • Click on the “Exam Prep” tab
  • Select the “Online EAP Practice Tests” link
  • Begin practicing now