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Affordable Learning Solutions

Arun Nambiar

IT 148 - Project Management and Control

Textbook: Project Management: the managerial approach by Erik Larson (4th or 5th Editions)

5th edition costs $185 (new) and $85 (used), the 4th edition costs $40 (new)

AL$ implementation

Dropped the textbook and adopted 3 free open-source textbooks from MERLOT

No. of students: 25 in fall 2013 and 35 in spring 2014

Cost Savings: $2000 (fall 2013) and $2800 (spring 2014)

IT106 - Energy Conversion and Utilization

Textbook: Energy Power and Transportation Technology by Litowitz and Brown $72

AL$ implementation-- No textbook, instructor compiled his lecture notes from variety of sources and made them available to students in Bb in PDF form.

No. of students: 24 in fall 2013

Cost Savings: $1728

IT184 - Advanced Manufacturing Technology

New Course

AL$ implementation-- No textbook, using instructor-compiled materials.

No. of students: 29 in spring 2014

Using average textbook prices of $70 to compare: Cost Savings = $2030