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Affordable Learning Solutions

Be A HERO Campaign at Fresno State


Part of the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) Program, "Be A Hero" enables Fresno State faculty to choose and provide quality educational content that is more affordable for our students.The mission of the campaign is to make higher education more accessible to students by promoting the use of high-quality, free (OER) and low-costing learning materials. 

Every dollar counts for many students. If students cannot afford the assigned class materials, they may try to learn without them.

This means that students are not only choosing not to purchase the materials they are assigned by their professor, but they are knowingly accepting the risk of a lower grade to avoid paying for the textbook.  

How Does This Impact Our Students

Student impact

Some examples of how high cost class materials have impacted our students:

  • My car is still sitting on jack stands :( need money
  • I missed out on eating healthy meals
  • I missed my grandpas funeral
  • I felt unsatisfied especially when the book wasn't really used in the class
  • I'm overwhelmed because I have to work harder for bills

How You Can Be A Hero

For additional information, please contact Natalie Muñoz, Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence.


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