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Hmong and Southeast Asian Resource and Information

Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential with BCLAD Emphasis (Spanish and Hmong)

The Multiple Subject Credential with an Emphasis in Bilingual Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) prepares teachers to work with English Learner students. BCLAD will authorize teachers to provide academic instruction to English Learner students in their primary language.

For more information on this program, email Dr. Teresa M. Huerta, BCLAD Coordinator, call her at 559-278-0364.

Required Courses in the Hmong BCLAD:

HMONG 100. Intermediate Reading and Composition (3)
Prerequisite: HMONG 4 or equivalent. Further development of reading and composition skills. Includes practice in reading expository texts and review of grammatical structures.

HMONG 101. Advanced Reading and Composition (3)
Prerequisite: HMONG 100 or equivalent. Emphasis on strategies for complex texts. Enhancement of composition fluency and grammatical accuracy.

LEE 129. Hmong in Bilingual Schools: BCLAD (3)
Prerequisite: HMONG 101 or equivalent. Emphasis on Hmong language development for bilingual teachers. Includes basic content area instruction in Hmong, evaluation of teaching materials, and conferencing with parents.
ANTH 123. Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia (3) 
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D.An introductory survey of the cultural and historical adaptations of societies in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam; and of Insular societies in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Examines the major effects of culture contact between East and West. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

LEE 135. Teaching Content in Hmong (3)
Prerequisites: Hmong language fluency or permission of instructor. L1 methods and materials used to teach content in bilingual classrooms. Designed for BCLAD candidates. Students will deliver lessons in the Hmong language in bilingual classrooms in local schools under university supervisor.