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Hmong and Southeast Asian Resource and Information

Clubs and Organizations

Diversity Matters Clubs and Organizations Listing

The Fresno State campus community includes many student organizations that celebrate the cultural identity of our students and reflect the wide diversity found in the Central Valley.

Note: most of the following organizations either do not have formal websites, or they need to be repaired. Links have been added whenever possible.

Amerasia Organization

(August, 1974) In 1970, Professor Izumi Taniguchi created the Asian American Studies at Fresno State due to the political instability and student activism. Two students of Professor Izumi Taniguchi then decided to get together and create an organization for Asian American students to help promote cultural diversity and cultural awareness. That was when the Amerasia Organization was formed. Today, Amerasia is a vastly diverse multi-cultural organization. We still strongly promote cultural diversity and cultural awareness. Amerasia also supports higher education. With this in mind, Amerasia hopes to raise enough money to fund a scholarship fund for students pursuing higher education, in the near future. In addition, Amerasia continues to educate the community of the various Asian cultures here in the Central Valley through our annual Amerasia Week.

Cambodian Collegiate Association

(October, 1987) The Cambodian Collegiate Association was established in 1987.  CCA's objective is to promote higher education, leadership, unity and to preserve the Cambodian culture.  CCA is more than just a student body organization, it's like family.  We've volunteered our time to give back to our community and to Fresno.  We have annual educational conferences, culture shows, and formals.  We take part in Vintage Days here at Fresno State and other events.  We network with other Khmer student body organizations in California; we attend the Khmer Student Coalition Conferences (KSC) and show up to the Khmer Unity Games (KUG).  CCA's strength lies in its members.  Each member is dedicated to paying homage to Cambodia.  Many of us were born here in the states and have no recollection of Cambodia.  While we embrace the western culture, we hold on so dearly to our Cambodian heritage.  CCA is open to everyone.  We believe everyone has a little Khmer in them.


CineCulture is a film series provided as a service to the Fresno State campus students, faculty, and staff, and community, at no charge. In addition, CineCulture is offered as a 3 unit academic course in the Mass Communication and Journalism Department. CineCulture Club promotes cultural awareness through film and post-screening discussions. For further information, contact Professor Mary Husain.

Hmong Student Association

(November, 1984) We promote educational, moral and ethical standards for ourselves and future generations, leadership, self-determination and friendship.  We hope to promote the understanding of the Hmong Culture to other interested groups of people on campus and the community through the use of cultural events and educational workshops.  We help Hmong students adjust to university life and work in coordination with other campus organizations.

International Student Association

(November, 1974) To stimulate and promote friendship and understanding between foreign and American students.

Korean Culture Club

(March, 2010) To provide students with opportunities for association and interaction with the faculty and administration of California State University Fresno and to instill the desire for self-improvement, scholastic excellence and the cultivation of civic responsibility.

Lao Student Association

(October, 1988) To promote the cultures, customs and languages from Laos.  Our goal is to create a foundation where students can strengthen their knowledge through participation in various Lao cultural functions and through learning of Laotian culture as well as promoting social networks and academic excellence.

Asian Social Work Association

(February, 2003) Our goal is to provide the social work students with interaction and support for one another, and with the administration and faculty of Fresno State; enhance cultural awareness within the university and community; promote academic success and scholastic excellence; the betterment of the profession of social work and to instill the desire for social action in the community.

Southeast Asian Teachers

(January, 1993) The organization began in 1992 from an educated visionary that wanted to promote education among her peers and the community. This organization would soon become a productive form of networking amongst its members and other campus/community relations. Our mission is to assist students and members of the community who are interested in pursuing a career in the education field. Our purpose is to provide various informative workshops, educational conferences, trainings, networks and exposures to the public education system. We help to ensure that aspiring students are familiar with the educational system and its policies in becoming effective teachers. On an annual basis, we host events ranging from community outreach, fundraising events, mentoring programs, workshops and social activities.