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Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Grant Report: December 9, 2009

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announced 21 recent grants/contracts totaling $2,335,256. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs acknowledges the commitment of the project directors and other faculty and staff who were instrumental in the process, including Bryan Moe, Emil Milevoj, Marlene Bengiamin, Florence Cassel, David Zoldoske, David Foster, Barbara Foster, Andrew Rogerson, Krish Krishnan, Lynette Zelezny, Kaan Kurtural, Peter Kinman, Ram Nunna, Melissa Jordine, John Lloyd, Charles Arokiasamy, Carol Rankin, Yongsheng Gao, Chris Fiorentino, Don Romsa, Melanie Wenrick, Karen Arth, Lisa Portela, Rajee Amarasinghe, Carmen Caprau, Mechel Paggi, Tammy Lau, Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Andrew Hoff, Brian Tsukimura, David Andrews, Timothy Stearns, and Marilyn Wilson.


Title: Kern, Inyo, Mono SBDC
Agency: UC Merced
Project director: Bryan Moe/Emil Milevoj
Amount of Award: $17,000
Purpose: To provide support for a new SBDC program in Bakersfield.
College/School: Craig School of Business/CCSBDC

Title: Health Career Connection Summer 2009
Agency: Health Career Connection
Project director: Marlene Bengiamin
Amount of Award: $4,630
Purpose: To serve as a key Central Valley contact for HSS students and sponsoring organizations regarding internship placement.
College/School: Health and Human Services/CVHPI




Title: IFDM – EM 38 Survey of Britz Farms
Agency: State of California, Department of Water Resources
Project director: Florence Cassel/David Zoldoske
Amount of Award: $17,215
Purpose: To collect salinity data in three fields of the Britz Farm and develop soil salinity maps at difference profile depths.
College/School: Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology/CWI

Title: Stanislaus Co Grievance Review Officer
Agency: County of Stanislaus
Project director: David Foster/Barbara Foster
Amount of Award: $13,000
Purpose: To provide grievance review officer services for County Child Welfare Services grievance hearings.
College/School: Health and Human Services/DSWE




Title: RIMI Project at Fresno State Year 3
Agency: NIH
Project director: Andrew Rogerson/Krish Krishnan/Lynette Zelezny
Amount of Award: $862,923
Purpose: To improve the existing biomedical research infrastructure through establishing biomedical research programs in health and health disparities.
College/School: Science and Mathematics

Title: Cabernet Sauvignon under Mechanism and Conventional CMP
Agency: Oxbo International Corporation
Project director: Kaan Kurtural
Amount of Award: $13,912
Purpose: For canopy management and precision harvest for the research plots.
College/School: Jordan College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology

Title: Radio-Frequency Interference Analysis
Agency : Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Project director: Peter Kinman/Ram Nunna
Amount of Award: $45,440
Purpose: To perform technical studies and analyses to investigate potential radio frequency interference to the deep-space network caused by terrestrial systems and satellite systems operating in or near the DSN frequency bands.
College/School: Lyles College of Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Fresno State Teaching American History Project
Agency: Fresno County Office of Education
Project director: Melissa Jordine
Amount of Award: $29,938
Purpose: To deliver programs and support in the professional development of Fresno County teachers through activities designed to provide specific standard-based content.
College/School: Social Sciences/History

Title: Madera County Specialized Assessment
Agency: Madera County, Department of Social Services
Project director: John Lloyd
Amount of Award: $135,000
Purpose: To provide learning disability evaluations, vocational assessments, and SSI advocacy services to Madera County’s CalWORKs recipients.
College/School: Kremen School of Education and Human Development/Rehab Counseling

Title: Long Term Training – Rehabilitation Counseling
Agency: US Department of Education
Project director: Charles Arokiasamy/Carol Rankin
Amount of Award: $150,000
Purpose: To support twelve student traineeships a year, summer program coordination, student recruitment and student conference travel to increase the supply of qualified personnel with expertise in rehabilitation counseling for employment.
College/School: Kremen School of Education and Human Development/CSER



Title: Search for New Physics at ATLAS
Agency: National Science Foundation
Project director: Yongsheng Gao
Amount of Award: $143,645
Purpose: To search for new physics form incoming ATLAS data using performance based and statistically optimal methods.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Physics

Title: Project Leap (January 2009)
Agency: Corporation for National and Community Service
Project director: Chris Fiorentino/Don Romsa
Amount of Award: $10,000
Purpose: To administer an AmeriCorps VISTA project at Fresno State.
College/School: Administration/Richter Center/Lutheran Campus Ministry

Title: SJV Math Project MULT/CPEC 2009-2010
Agency: California Postsecondary Education Commission
Project director: Melanie Wenrick/Karen Arth/Lisa Portela/Rajee Amarasinghe
Amount of Award: $277,675
Purpose: To operate the San Joaquin Valley Mathematics Project.
College/School: Kremen School of Education and Human Development/Science and Mathematics

Title: Link homology, Categorification and Extended Topoligcal Quantum Field Theory (3 year award)
Agency: National Science Foundation
Project director: Carmen Caprau
Amount of Award: $78,532
Purpose: Aims to deepen the understanding of existing link homology theories.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Mathematics

Title: The Impacts of Changes in the Agricultural Transportation Sector on the Compet. Of Spec Crop
Agency: USDA
Project director: Mechel Paggi
Amount of Award: $60,000
Purpose: To fund a study on how will changes in the agricultural transportation technology, infrastructure and cost impact, the regional and international competitiveness of California specialty crop industries.
College/School: Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology/Agricultural Economics/CAB

Title: Honoring the Japanese American Experience
Agency: Fresno Regional Foundation
Project director: Tammy Lau
Amount of Award: $5,000
Purpose: To increase public awareness of Japanese American experience in San Joaquin Valley via the compilation of Web-based guides intended for teaching and curriculum use.
College/School: Library /Special Collections

Title: Survey of Day-Use Facilities
Agency: USDA ARS
Project director: Jody Hironaka-Juteau/Andrew Hoff
Amount of Award: $41,802
Purpose: To conduct social science random selection on-sire survey research on the Sequoia National Forest.
College/School: Health and Human Services/Recreation Administration

mitten crabs


Title: Supporting Primary Priorities for R&D of Management for Mitten Crabs (Year 3)
Agency: CESU - USFWS
Project director: Brian Tsukimura
Amount of Award: $10,000
Purpose: To provide decision support to implement the primary priority actions for early detection of new populations through the establishment of a monitoring network.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Biology

Title: Western Regional Noyce Conference (Year 1 of 3)
Agency: National Science Foundation
Project director: David Andrews
Amount of Award: $209,583
Purpose: Funding for the annual Western Regional Noyce conference at Fresno from April 9-11, 2010.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Biology

Title: Coleman Fellows (2009-2010)
Agency:   Coleman Foundation
Project director: Timothy Stearns
Amount of Award: $20,000
Purpose:  Funding for 2 fellowships and travel support for the fellows.
College/School: Administration/Lyles Center

school psychology

Title: Culturally Competent Practice in School Psychology (Year 3 of 4)
Agency:   US Department of Education
Project director: Marilyn Wilson
Amount of Award: $189,961
Purpose:  To increase the number of school psychologists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and/pr these with disabilities.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Psychology

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