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Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Principal Investigator Handbooks (Pre- and Post-Award)

Pre-Award PI Handbook | Post-Award PI Handbook

The Principal Investigator (PI) Handbook is to inform PIs/Project Directors and their staff about University and Foundation policies, procedures, and resources available for their sponsored programs through the collaborative efforts of the Division of Research and Graduate Studies and Foundation Financial Services.

Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for questions related to pre-award procedures at (559) 278-0840. 

Please Contact Foundation Financial Services for questions related to post-award procedures at (559) 278-0850.

The Foundation and the University reserves the right to change any of the policies and procedures included in this handbook at any time. The Handbook is not intended to become a contract in any way of its employees, PIs/Project Directors, or project staff.  Future revisions to Foundation policies and procedures regarding sponsored projects will be made available as the revisions are adopted.