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Academic Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions


No. Contact a department, College, USU Scheduling Office, University Business Center, or Smittcamp Alumni House to reserve a conference room. (See "Other Offices").

No. Contact a Department, College, or Learning Resource Center. (See "Other Offices").


Yes; only to campus entities, and mainly Maple Mall and O'Neill Park. To inquire about a specific outdoor space, contact our office. Student groups and clubs must go through the Student Involvement: Activities & Leadership office (See "Other Offices").


Please contact the Reservation Center/Student Involvement. (See "Other Offices").

  • AC/Heating -- Facilities Management, (559) 278.2373
  • Missing chairs/tables/lectern/podium -- Warehouse, (559) 278.2139
  • Tech equipment -- Classroom & Video Services, (559) 278.2674

  • No. Contact the University Outreach Services office, (559) 278.8236, or visit their website for more information.

Student organizations need to request a room from the Reservation Center/Student Involvement (278-6024) located in RSU 217, which will confirm the organization and its status.


Click here for class schedule due dates.

  • Fall = after Fall census date - 1st week in October

  • Spring = after Spring census date - 1st week in March

A Course Classification Number (CS #); "C" stands for "Classroom" and "S" stands for "Supervision." This data element identifies a particular mode of instruction for a resource segment activity.

(See List of CS Numbers.)

View the Instructor/Advisor Table to make sure the "Effective Date" is correct.  You may need to add a new row if there is a new effective date on the course or the course is a Topics course.

A cross-listed course is combined at the catalog level and is approved through the curriculum process. A combined course is at the section level per semester. These courses will meet the same day/time, have the same unit value, title, CS number and share the enrollment.

Set variable units at Curriculum Management > Adjust Class Associations.  The Minimum and Maximum units need to be the same.

Desribes where to handle variable unit

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