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Academic Scheduling


The University Scheduling office, under the Office of Undergraduate Studies, is comprised of Academic Scheduling and Event Scheduling.

Our Mission

The mission of the University Scheduling office is to ensure the efficient and effective use of campus space and facilities, develop and maintain the Schedule of Classes, maintain key databases and provide timely and accurate event information to the campus and the broader community when applicable.

Scheduling Policy PDF 

Academic Scheduling

The Office of Academic Scheduling oversees academic course scheduling, maintenance of the curriculum module of the student administration system (PeopleSoft), analysis and maintenance of course attributes, and maximization of space utilization.

The Office of Academic Scheduling determines and enforces scheduling policies and guidelines to ensure each department receives equitable access to university lecture facilities and maximizes class schedule options for students.

Event Scheduling

The Office of Academic Scheduling maintains and manages the campus master calendar, providing accurate information about campus events to both the local and campus communities through collaboration with university administrative and academic units.

Although academic-related activities have scheduling priority in campus facilities, most are available for use outside class time for campus-affiliated events, such as club meetings, study groups, and guest speakers. The Office of Academic Scheduling coordinates usage requests to ensure facilities are being used within CSU and campus policies and guidelines.

College departments are responsible for managing their own lab and conference rooms, while adhering to the Use of University Buildings and Grounds policy.

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