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Office of IDEAS


What's Happening in the Office of IDEAS

faculty members sitting in the IDEAS lounge

Intro to Perusall: The Canvas-Embedded Annotation Tool That Helps Students Engage Collectively With Texts |

March 23 at 12:30pm | IDEAS Lounge (Library 2133)

Reading is an activity that usually occurs individually. What if we could change this individuality in our instructions? What if we could have our students engage with a text socially and collectively? Attend this Lesson from the Lounge where Dr. Tara Hashemi will walk you through innovative ways to engage your students to interact with texts in a digital social reading manner and enhance their collaborative skills.





The Office of IDEAS (Innovation and Digital Excellence for Academic Success) consolidates the Center for Faculty Excellence, DISCOVERe, CSUCCESS, Academic Technology Resource Center and the Accessible Resource Center under one umbrella administered by the Provost's Office. The office ensures that faculty and students have outstanding support for Canvas, Explorance, Panopto, Zoom and much more. IDEAS will continue the tradition of providing high-level professional development opportunities in the areas of open educational resources, accessible course content, technology, innovation, and pedagogy.


Inspire. Create. Encourage. Engage.


To inform and transform learning and teaching through practical, creative and innovative pedagogy.


To be the central support team for academic and technological innovation,
utilizing proven techniques for teaching and learning focused on student success.