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Cross-Listing Course Information

  • Once grades have been added, this cross-listing cannot be undone.
  • A request must be completed every semester.
  • It is not necessary to Cross-List a lecture and a lab/activity course when the roster is exactly the same. In this case, instructors should use one course shell and not publish the other.
  • As part of this Cross-List Request, one course will be named the PARENT course and all others are designated as CHILD courses.
  • Only work in the PARENT course shell.
  • Courses should remain un-published until Cross-Listing has occurred.
  • If the Cross-List includes more than one instructor, the request must be SIGNED BY ALL instructors.
  • If there are multiple instructors requesting the Cross-Listing, only one instructor will be used for the ONLINE Student Evaluations of Faculty at the end of the semester.



Print PDF and have ALL Instructors sign. Return to M/S UL121 or to the Academic Technology Resource Center in the Office of IDEAS.

Please read the pros and cons provided below before requesting that a course be Cross-Listed. Remember, once courses are cross-listed, it is not reversible for the current semester.


  • One class section instead of multiple sections of the same course
  • Update and change course content in only one section
  • Virtual office hours can be administered from one section
  • Communication between students in different sections is possible


  • One large roster to maintain (although you can use filters to view sections)
  • Managing communication becomes a greater challenge
  • The request to Cross-list courses must be made prior to each semester
  • Cross-listing cannot be undone. Must keep the combined course for the remainder of the semester