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Canvas at Fresno State

Canvas Teacher App

teacher app

The Canvas Teacher app provides quick access to grading, communicating, and updating – three of the most frequent course facilitation tasks for teachers through Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes. Download the Canvas Teacher app on Android and iOS devices.

How-to Guides for iOS Devices

How do I:

How-to Guides for Android Devices

How do I:

  • The Teacher app supports viewing Modules but instructors are not able to add or edit modules from the app.
  • Not all features are available in the Teacher app. It is best to build and create your course on a desktop or laptop.
  • Not all course navigation links are supported in the Teacher app.
  • Unlike the web version of Canvas, you cannot view assignment comments in Conversations in the Teacher app.
  • Graded discussions cannot be added using the Teacher app. You can create a graded discussion from your desktop or laptop via a web browser.
  • Quiz questions cannot be edited in the Teacher app.
  • Keep any video files intended for upload from your device below 500 MB.