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Canvas at Fresno State

Canvas Request Forms

Please use these forms to officially request Canvas services.  

Cross-list (Combine) Course Request Form
Combine multiple course sections into one course shell on Canvas. Once grades have been added, cross-listing cannot be undone.

Development Course Shell Request Form
Request a development shell in order to get a jumpstart on course building, develop a master shell, or want to have an empty shell to practice in. Official course shells are created six weeks before a semester begins and are automatically generated for all courses. Note: You cannot use development shells to teach classes but rather copy the developed content into your official course shell once they are created.

General Canvas Work Order Form
Submit a request to have the Academic Technology Resource Center (ATRC) scan and digitize documents or images for use in your Canvas course or any other general Canvas related requests. If you would like help with test and quizzes, please complete the 'Test Creation Form'.  

Organization Request Form
Organizations are similar to courses in Canvas, however they are designed to be used by groups such as committees, groups, clubs, and teams. Faculty and Staff can request Organizations. Before requesting an organization, please consider using a different medium such as Google Team Drive or Box@Fresno State.

Student Access to Finish Incomplete Work
Complete this form is you have a student that needs extended access to a Canvas course to finish incomplete work.

Test Creation Form
The Academic Technology Resource Center (ATRC) will process tests/quizzes/exams and upload to your course for student access. Please allow AT LEAST two weeks for your request to be processed.