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Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Policy on Nepotism

Fresno State ensures that activities and practices on campus do not create potential for conflict of interest or nepotism.  The University has a detailed Policy on Nepotism that outlines the definition and campus procedure for situations where a conflict of interest may arise.  Campus procedures for dealing with potential nepotism/conflict of interest extends to not only employment matters but to work related to funded research projects.  

Special circumstances may arise in which a Principal Investigator (PI) has to create a team with unique skills to fulfill grant requirements. The PI may turn to a family member if he or she is the only one available with the specific professional expertise. In cases such as these, the PI has a responsibility to follow the Policy on Nepotism, as well as the guidelines outlined in the Pre and Post Award Handbooks, to ensure compliance with campus regulations.  

The Academic Policy Manual (APM) contains a sample Nepotism Disclosure Memorandum for use in cases involving potential nepotism/conflict of interest. The disclosure memo serves as an agreement between related parties to abstain from participating in activities that may pose a conflict of interest. The filing of this form is crucial for maintaining an ethical and compliant campus environment.

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