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Division of Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Research Grant

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, in collaboration with the Provost's office, invites you to apply to the Undergraduate Student Research Grant!  Students are encouraged to design their own projects, but may also work on a professor's project. Students must work closely with a faculty mentor to prepare and successfully complete their Undergraduate Research Grant application.

  • Up to $1,500 in financial support
  • Must be an undergraduate student
  • Must work closely with a faculty member to conduct research, engage in field studies, create projects in their discipline or participate in similar scholarly/creative activities.
  • The application period for the Fall 2023 semester has closed, new dates TBA. 

If you have questions, please contact Alejandra De Alba in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to find a faculty mentor. One great way to start this process is to ask around and speak to faculty members who may be interested in similar subject matter/research matters as you. While this doesn’t always work, they may also be able to connect you with other faculty with similar interests.

To be eligible to apply for this grant you must be working with a tenure/tenure-track faculty memeber. During the application process you will need the faculty memebers information so they may complete their portion of the application. Please do not fill out this information with a faculty memebers information before speaking with them. They should agree to work with you before including them in your application. 

Unfortunately not, because the project or research you will be taking on is a big commitment we want you to be successful. So, working with a tenure/tenure track faculty will give you an opportunity to work with someone who has done research in the past and who is continuously conducting research. Their expertise will be helpful to you through this process.

Unfortunately we don’t have access to this information as faculty are all working on different research projects. We always recommend that students conduct their own independent research. Although, if you would like to help with a faculty member's research our recommendation is to ask around. Speak to faculty members who you have classes with who may be doing research of their own and if this is something that also interests you then you can always ask to join their efforts. Although, if this is the case, students must show substantive involvement/independent interest in the research. 


The maximum amount that can be awarded is $1,500. Your application should have a detailed description of where the funding would go towards advancing your research. Out of the amount awarded to you no more than $500 can be used towards paying yourself as a student assistant.