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Division of Academic Affairs

University Initiatives

University Initiatives under the direction of the Provost supports the development of major funding proposals.

University Initiatives under the direction of the Provost provides enhanced support for the development of major funding proposals. A major funding proposal generally is for $1 million or more. You are eligible to request enhanced support if you are pursuing a major proposal.

If you would like to request this support, contact Dr. Gil Harootunian, Executive Director, University Initiatives. Dr. Harootunian is the POC for major grants initiatives in the Provost’s Office to streamline communication and ensure timely attention to your requests.


Phone number: 559.278.4850

Highlights of major awards include these:

  1. U.S. Department of Education, Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions grant to democratize access to success for all students in the "STEAM" disciplines (STEM, plus Agricultural Sciences and Technology) ($3 million)
  2. National Science Foundation Hispanic-Serving Institution’s “Catalyzing IDEAs for the San Joaquin Valley: Innovation Math and Chemistry Curriculum” (MC2) to bring together the three Hispanic-Serving CSU campuses in the Valley to design, deliver, and test transformative STEM-specific learning interventions. $2.5 million total.
  3. U.S. Department of Education’s Title V, A – “Enseñamos en el Valle Central” award to bring together the university and community colleges to prepare teachers who can serve students in bilingual classrooms in the Central Valley. $3.75 million total.
  4. U.S. Department of Education’s “U.S. History and Civics Academies” to implement professional development opportunities for Fresno Unified School District teachers and inspiring summer experiences for their students. $1.7 million.
  5. National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarships to support talented students to become math teachers and leaders in their school districts. $1.45 million.
  6. CA Learning Lab "On-Ramp to STEM" award to develop an open source adaptive learning technology for entry-level mathematics courses ($1M).
  7. National Science Foundation’s “S-STEM” to provide scholarships to low-income students with academic promise who are math majors and to design a pre-research environment for lower division math courses. $1 million.
  8. U.S. Department of Education’s Title V, B – “Promoting Postbaccaulaurete Opportunities for Hispanic Americans” award to found a “Blue Ribbon Online Campus” (see “The Graduate Net”). $2.9 million.