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Division of Academic Affairs

Schools and Colleges

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Dedicated to improving the environment and quality of life through education, research, and public service in the areas of agriculture, food, technology, and the family.

College of Arts and Humanities

Provides a base of humanistic studies and creative expression through the arts, including theatre, dance, music, creative writing and the visual arts.

Craig School of Business

Preparation for careers in the regional, national, and global business and economic environments and serves the Central California business community as a resource center.

Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Recruitment and development of ethically informed leaders for classroom teaching, education, administration, counseling, and higher education.

Lyles College of Engineering

Provides high-quality academic programs that support the infrastructure and growth of the Central California region.

College of Health and Human Services

Provides professionally oriented education through nationally accredited academic programs and exceptional faculty that contribute to student academic and professional success.

College of Science and Mathematics

Provides cutting-edge science and mathematics education that students need to prepare them for the professional and graduate career opportunities as researchers, teachers or practitioners in the sciences, mathematics, environmental fields, or health professions.

College of Social Sciences

Study of the human social experience in all of its diversity, and instill a concern for human values and civic responsibility and advance knowledge of societies and cultures.