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Sustainability at Fresno State

Sustainability Database

We are actively contributing to frameworks that help assess sustainability (i.e., AASHE STARS), while also developing regional and local "data collaboratories" that will help collate and archive sustainability-related data, with an overarching goal of making data as easily accessible and actionable for all members of the community (i.e., SB1755).

Pioneer efforts are being done by DataOne, as they currently have one of the best interoperable curation efforts funded by the Sloan Foundation.

Here is a listing of some of the data resources we use and might be helpful across a variety of sustainability-related topics at the campus, local, and state levels:

General Data

Environmental Data

Air Quality Data

Socio-Economic Data

Energy Data

  • California Energy Commission (website)
  • CARB Pollution Mapping (website)
  • Carbon Pricing (website)
  • CSU Energy Dashboards (website)
  • EPA Green Power Partnership Map (website)
  • US Electric System Operating Data (website)

Food and Agricultural Data

Health Data

  • Biomonitoring California (website)
  • CalEnviroScreen 3.0 (website)
  • CA Community Disease Cost (CCB)
  • California’s Health and Human Services Open Data Portal
  • California Healthy Places Index (HPI)
  • California Department of Public Health (website)
  • CDC Environmental Public Health Tracking (website)
  • CDPH Climate Change Health Equity (CalBRACE)
  • EPA's Climate Change Resource Center (website)
  • EPA CompTox Dashboard
  • EPA One Health (website)
  • Fresno State’s Public Health LibGuide
  • Let's Get Healthy California (website)
  • National Integrated Heat Health Information System (
  • Tracking California (website)
  • USDA Food Environment Atlas (website)

Transportation Data

  • California Transit Data (website)
  • Fresno Council of Governments Regional Data (website)
  • RITIS (may require subscription)
  • Street Story (SafeTREK)
  • Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS)
  • Sustainable Transportation at Fresno State (website, 2015 plan)
  • USDOE Alternative Fuels Data Center (website)
  • Zero Emission Vehicle Statistics (website)

Waste Data

  • Electronic Waste at Fresno State (website)
  • Fresno County GIS Portal (website)
  • Waste Management at Fresno State (website)

Water and Groundwater Data

Weather and Climate Data

  • Adaptation Clearinghouse (website)
  • Cal-Adapt (website)
  • CalEPA Climate Dashboard (website)
  • California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS)
  • CA Nature Data Carousel (website)
  • DWR Airborn Electromagnetic Survey Data (website)
  • Heat island air and surface temperatures (EPA)
  • EPA Climate Change Indicators (website)
  • EPA's Climate Change Resource Center (website)
  • EPA’s EnviroAtlas
  • EPA GLIMPSE Tool (in development)
  • FEMA National Flood Hazard Layers (website)
  • Forest Service Climate Risk Viewer (website)
  • Global Carbon Budget (website)
  • Global Monitoring Laboratory (NOAA)
  • NOAA Climate Data Online (website)
  • NASA Snow Pack Observatory (ASO)

Documents and Publications

Student-led Sustainability at Fresno State

ABAI Abstracts and Presentations  

Equal Measures Report 

CSU Sustainability Report