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Division of Research and Graduate Studies


  1. Your dissertation/thesis chair and all committee members must submit the "Final Submission Approval" statement electronically. Instructions are available on the DTO Web site (see "Dissertation/Thesis Submission" under "Step 2").
  2. The dissertation/thesis must be formatted per university specifications detailed in the Guidelines for Thesis Preparation or the Format and Evaluation Guidelines for Dissertation Preparation.
  3. All critical elements of the dissertation or thesis must be present. Students should not still be engaged in writing parts of the document. You must have an abstract, which must fit on one page, and all required preliminary pages (see respective guidelines: title page, approval page, authorization sheet, table of contents, and, as needed, list of tables and list of figures), as well as a completed reference list (i.e., "References," "Works Cited," "Bibliography.")
  4. The list of references must follow the format of a selected style sheet or manual. Indicate your choice in the registration material you submit to the DTO (see DTO Web site, "Dissertation/Thesis Submission" under "Step 1") and include a recent sample if you are using a specialized journal format.
  5. All content additions or corrections made by your committee members must be incorporated into the submission reviewed by the DTO.