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Academic Resources Office

Faculty Recruitment and Relocation

The Academic Resource Office (ARO) will be instituting new guidelines for the 2023-2024AY faculty search process. This year, funding for each search ($3,425) will be allocated directly to the appropriate schools/colleges Dean's Office and will need to be managed internally. The ABJ to transfer the funds will be processed by ARO and a copy will be routed to both the Dean and budget analyst for their records. The chartfield for all paperwork processed/submitted for faculty search expenses will be required to include class code 13102 Faculty Recruitment for proper identification. Any expenditures past the original allocated funds will need to be covered from either school/college or department resources as no additional funds will be made available.

View the Faculty Recruitment Guidelines and Procedures

Reimbursement for Faculty Relocation Expenses

The Academic Resource Office (ARO) will be instituting a new process for the 2023-2024AY Tenure Track faculty expense reimbursements utilizing a Payment of Reasonable Estimated Moving and Relocation Expenses Without Documentation form. The form will be submitted by ARO for all new tenure track hires, it will then be routed to Faculty Affairs, the school/college Dean, and VP/President for signatures as needed. The expenses will be charged to the school/college andonce the expense is reflected on datawarehouse, ARO will submit an ABJ of $2,500 per hire.