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Programs for Children


Fresno State Programs for Children has a philosophy based on current early childhood education and child development theory and research. This philosophy of early education and care is based on the following principles:

• Understanding the importance of the family and community in the lives of children.

• Respect for children’s ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

• Recognition that collaborative participatory relationships among children, parents, teachers, and others not only create powerful and successful education and care programs but improve the quality of life in the community.

• Commitment to the rights of all children to receive education and care services that maximize their developmental potential.

• Knowledge of the contribution of a stimulating, educationally-rich environment to children’s constructive efforts to make sense of their world.

• The belief that proper guidance of children occurs in an atmosphere of respect for persons, positive human relationships, non-violent conflict resolution and cooperation to promote the welfare of the group.


Programs for Children will meet its mission by achieving the following goals related to access, quality, and academics:

• Assist student parents who are attending Fresno State and needing early education and child care services for their children.

• Provide a high quality, ECE environment for fostering children's physical, social, emotional, creative, linguistic and cognitive development.

• Support parents who are attempting to complete their education while facing the demands of parenting through programs and resources.

• Offer a range of interdisciplinary opportunities for observation, field work, student teaching and research in ECE for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and professionals in the field.

• Demonstrate innovative ECE programs, curricula and resources that can serve as a model for best practices.

• To be a respected and guiding force among professionals and leaders in the early care and education community in our region.

Program goals are achieved with funding from the California State Department of Education, California State University, student body fees, tuition and other sources.


The mission of Fresno State Programs for Children is to assist Fresno State students in attaining their educational goals by providing child care services in convenient and affordable settings that are high-quality, and developmentally and culturally appropriate; and that are based on building positive, collaborative relationships with children, their families, and academic and community programs. (Approved May 11, 2010)


Programs for Children will strive to ensure that all qualified student parents have access to California State University, Fresno through high quality and affordable child care and education services to allow his or her academic progress and graduation. (Approved May 11, 2010)


Our values include reflective education, enduring relationships, diversity and inclusion. (Approved January 24, 2011)