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Academic Senate

Senate Members

*Member of the Executive Committee

*HALL, Raymond (Chair) - (Physics)

*CROWELL, Amber (Vice Chair) - (Sociology)

BOTWIN, Michael (Parliamentarian

ALEXANDROU, Alex - (Industrial Technology)

ARCHAMBAULT, Hannah - (Economics)

BAHN, Jenny - (Anthropology)

*BRYANT, Lisa - (Vice Chair of Council of Chairs)

Bhawani, Sagata (Construction Management)

TBA- (ASI President)

CHOWDHURY, Neil (Art, Design, and Art History)

CIFTCI, Kamil - (Information Systems and Decision Sciences)

DER MUGRDECHIAN, Barlow  - (Armenian Studies)

DONNELLY, Dermot - (Chemistry)

DONG, Hongwei  - (Geography and City and Regional Planning)

FULOP, Sean - (Linguistics)

GREAVES, Mandy - (Counselor Education and Rehabilitation)

HAMMONS, Andrea  - (Child and Family Science)

HERNANDEZ, Melanie - (English)

HOLYOKE, Thomas - (Universitywide)

*Van Horn, Selena- (Liberal Studies)

HUERTA, Teresa - (Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education)

JONES, Hillary - (Communication)

KENSINGER, Loretta - (Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

KIM, H. T. - (Accountancy)

KLEPPER, Rory - (Aerospace)

KO, Na-hyeon Hanna - (Physical Therapy)

LACHS, Lorin (Chair of the Council of Chairs)

LENT, David - (Biology)

LONE, Todd - (Agricultural Business)

LOPEZ, Dolly - (Library)

MASON, Emily - (Music)

Hong, Hyeri - (Curriculum and Instruction)

*MIELE, Jennifer - (Finance and Business Law)

MILLER, Shauna - (Nursing)

MORTIMER, Amanda - (Psychology)

MULHERN, Aldea - (Philosophy)

MUNOZ, Belinda - (Chair of the Staff Assembly)

NEWELL, Gary - (Athletics)

NOËL SMITH, Becky - (Liberal Studies)

TBA - (Computer Science)

PAO, Steven - (Food Science and Nutrition)

PETERSON, Scott - (Civil Engineering)

PINZON-PEREZ, Helda - (Public Health)

PITTS, James - (Criminology)

RAM, Melanie - (Universitywide)

RAMIREZ, Denise - (Kinesiology)

RAYA-FERNANDEZ, Rebecca  - (Student Services Prof -AR)

RIAR, Ranjit - (Plant Science)

RODRIGUEZ, Sam - (Animal Science and Agricultural Education)

RODRIGUEZ-MATOS, Jaime - (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)

Luo, Kathy - (Theatre and Dance) 

*SCHLIEVERT, Susan  - (Statewide)

SHATZ, Julia - (History)

SIAS, Revas - (English)

SMITH, Kevin - (Viticulture and Enology)

*STILLMAKER, Aaron (Universitywide)

TAYEB, Shahab - (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

TAYLOR, Brandon - (Recreation Administration)

TURNBULL, Patricia - (Marketing and Logistics)

VAN HOVEN, Faith - (ASI Representative)

VEGA, Oscar - (Mathematics)

WAKABAYASHI, John - (Earth & Environmental Sciences)

WALSH, Nichole - (Educational Leadership)

Mazen,Eldeeb  - (Mechanical Engineering)

WISE, Wesley - (Media, Communication & Journalism)

Cronin, Travis - (Social Work Education)

ZENGIN-BOLATKALE, Hatun - (Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies)


Non-voting Ex-Officio Members

DR. JIMENEZ-SANDOVAL, Saul - (President)

DR. FU, Xuanning - (Provost)

DR. WILLIS, Kent - (Vice President Student Affairs & Enrollment Management)

DR. SCHMIDTKE, James - (Interim Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs)

DR. XIA, Harry - (Standing Committee - Budget Committee Chair)

DR. WALSH, Nicole - (Standing Committee - Academic Policy & Planning Committee)

_______________________ - (Standing Committee - Committee for Faculty Equity and Diversity Chair) 

DR. CHADLEY, James (Standing Committee - General Education Committee Chair)

DR. LOW, David (Standing Committee - Personnel Committee)

DR. SPENCER, Janine - (Standing Committee - Nominating/Elections Committee Chair)

DR. NISBETT, Nancy - (Standing Committee - Student Affairs Committee Chair)

DR. KONDURU, Srinivasa - (Standing Committee - Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair)

DR. LOPEZ, Maritere - (Standing Committee - University Graduate Committee Chair)

DR. ZHANG, Daqing - (Ex-officio from the Physics Department on behalf of the Academic Senate Chair)

DR. KUBAL, Timothy - (Ex-officio from the Sociology Department on behalf of the Academic Senate Vice Chair)