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Division of Academic Affairs

Excellence in Teaching

This is the university's highest honor awarded to a faculty member. The award is given in recognition of a well-established teaching career as evidenced by unparalleled performance in the classroom. Eligible nominees will be full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty. (A stipend of $5,500 accompanies this award.) The following criteria will be used:

  • Subject Mastery and Scholarship: The nominee demonstrates mastery of the subject matter in courses taught and blends new ideas, research, and developments into classroom instruction.

  • Teaching Effectiveness and Creativity: The nominee is open to new techniques that foster learning and uses them in innovative ways to generate student enthusiasm and increase knowledge and awareness of the subject matter. Effective teaching skills are evidenced by consistently clear and engaging presentations; use of methods other than (or in addition to) lectures; integration of high impact practices, e.g. service learning, study abroad, etc., and consistent achievement of desired outcomes.

  • Teaching Philosophy: The nominee has a deep interest in and enthusiasm for student learning and the quality of the learning environment. S/he is approachable, tolerant of different viewpoints, and sensitive to cultural, ethnic, and gender differences. The professor promotes civility and good relationships between and among students.

  • Currency: The nominee should be current with developments and findings in his/her field and in the use of effective pedagogy.