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The Smittcamp Family Honors College


Challenging. Stimulating. Engaging.

A hallmark of the Smittcamp Family Honors College is its innovative and challenging curriculum. Courses are selected from among proposals submitted by members of the university’s distinguished faculty. Our goal is to always be at the cutting edge of learning, innovation and exhilarating investigation. Therefore, our courses are not only discipline based but are also cross disciplinary—by design.

At the Smittcamp Family Honors College, being at the front of the class means being at the front of the world of learning.

Honors Coursework
General Education (small classes-25 students usually)

  • Lower Division: 2 Honors GE courses each semester for the first two years, for a total of 8 Honors lower division GE courses
  • Upper-Division: 3 Honors GE courses satisfy all upper-division GE requirements

Other Special Courses

  • Honors Colloquium (town hall format with guest speakers): 4 in first two years, 1 in subsequent semester
  • Honors 180 Special Project: Research Opportunities in one’s major