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The Smittcamp Family Honors College

A Unique Learning Experience: Challenging Your Limits

The Smittcamp Family Honors College offers a substantially different learning environment than most honors programs. President’s Scholars are recognized as the university’s leading learners. They study together in very small groups and receive personalized attention from faculty and administration. Our goal is to develop today’s honors students into tomorrow’s leaders.

A Community of Learners

There are approximately 200 students enrolled in the Honors College, 50 entering students per year. This small group dynamic allows students to learn from each other and to form strong bonds that can last a lifetime. All President's Scholars participate in the same honors curriculum.

A Spirit of Curious, Innovative, and Imaginative Thought

The Honors College curriculum is consistently evolving to correlate with today’s ever-changing world and our students’ expanding interests. Reading, writing, and discussion are central components of Honors coursework. Our professors create a learning environment that thrives on the conflict of ideas, critical analysis, and informed imagination.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Honors College courses are designed to give students a more accelerated and challenging experience than what regular general education courses can offer. Completing this coursework will help students achieve mastery in the essentials of learning, knowledge, research, discourse, and creative thought, as well as prepare them for success in their upper-division and major classes.

Real World Application

The scope of our honors courses extends far beyond typical bookwork and exams. Most classes teach application and experience in “real world” situations and require students to apply what they have learned to current situations in our region and beyond.

For an example, please view the San Joaquin River Restoration Project video on YouTube.

International and Multicultural Studies

With today’s geopolitical realities, it is important that students learn about other cultures and the differences among societies. Honors courses provide this insight. Complementing this global sensitivity, the university offers several opportunities for study abroad.

Weekly Colloquia

The weekly colloquia are a distinguishing aspect of the Honors College that allows students to learn about and discuss current affairs, public policy and contemporary society. These “town hall” style discussions feature faculty, regionally and nationally prominent experts, and reports from senior President's Scholars. These stimulating sessions are designed to help students think beyond the classroom and consider ongoing issues facing our society and the world at large.

Mentoring, Apprenticeship and Independent Project Opportunities

President’s Scholars enjoy outstanding opportunities for one-on-one learning with faculty and local professionals. Community leaders recognize the Honors College and its students as a symbol of excellence in our region and state and an important part of the Central Valley’s future. As such, notable figures from both the private and public sector maintain strong relationships with our program and our students.

Integrated Library Services

The Fresno State Library is the California State University system’s largest library. All President's Scholars have extended library privileges and the Honors College works closely with the library to engage students in utilizing the complete range of library services to foster creative library use.