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Academic Senate

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee shall be the deliberative body of the faculty on student affairs and services including but not limited to admissions, advising, counseling, evaluations, records, student discipline, student government, student organization, students with disabilities, financial aid, student orientation programs, facilities planning and other matters related to student activities.

Committee Charge

Senate, Committees, and Subcomittee Membership List

Committee Minutes

The minutes for Student Affairs
Date Minutes
02/08/2023 Minutes
10/13/2021 Minutes
04/14/2021 Minutes
12/09/2020 Minutes
10/14/2020 Minutes
09/09/2020 Minutes
05/08/2019 Minutes
11/14/2018 Minutes
10/24/2018 Minutes
09/12/2018 Minutes
09/13/2017 Minutes
02/22/2017 Minutes
11/09/2016 Minutes
10/12/2016 Minutes
04/13/2016 Minutes
03/09/2016 Minutes
02/10/2016 Minutes


Prior Minutes



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