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Faculty Affairs

Pay Calendar Information and Resources

Description of Change to Payroll Calendar for 2019/2020

During the 2019-2020 Academic Year, the Payroll calendar for Academic Year (AY) Faculty and Teaching Associates will change.  The first change to your paycheck will be in January 2020.  This change will improve campus processes, summer paychecks, and benefits. 

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Link to the letter for information about changes to paycheck and benefit months that impact you.

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 Questions Faculty may ask (FAQ)

Depends. Most faculty impacted will have a positive result.  There is no change in determining eligibility, only the months a semester pays, and therefore, a month you may change eligibility if you have different WTU's between Fall and Spring.

If you are eligible for health benefits

#1) and are assigned the same number of WTU over the 2019/2020 Academic Year*; Then you will not be impacted - your health benefits continue from October through August. *This assumes the Academic Year was continuous without a break for a "settlement", and only one assignment (one department.)

#2) and teach different WTU Fall / Spring your eligibility for benefits will depend on your WTU each semester.
          a)  Fall assignment 6 or more WTU (eligible for benefits) and Spring assignment less than 6 WTU; then, benefits eligible for October, November, December, January, and February.
          b)  Fall assignment less than 6 WTU and Spring assignment 6 or more WTU (eligible for benefits); then, benefits eligible for March, April, May, June, July, and August.
          c)  Both Fall and Spring are less than 6 WTU assignment; then no change, you are not eligible for benefits.

#3) and you teach Fall only; then, you will be benefits eligible for October, November, December, January, and February.

#4) and you teach Spring only; then, you will be benefits eligible for October, November, December, January, and February.

 No.  The change in the paycheck calendar will not impact your retirement contributions or CalPERS accruals.

 No.  There will continue to be 6 paychecks for Fall and 6 paychecks for Spring.  Only 3 of the pay dates are changing, the 5th payment for Fall, the 1st payment for Spring, and the 6th payment for Spring.

Academic Year Temporary Faculty are eligible with a full semester or longer appointment for 6 or more WTU.  There is no change to this requirement.

The letter provides more detail.  Using AY18/19 faculty counts, there were over 1,000 faculty that will not see a difference; almost 470 will see a difference.

Most Faculty:  Full-time faculty both Fall and Spring, and part-time faculty with the same WTU both Fall and Spring will NOT BE IMPACTED.

Part-time Faculty with a different number of units (including none) between Fall semester and Spring semester.

Your employment status will not change.  During summer months an Academic Year faculty member is off work, this will not change.

Only if you are active one semester.  Faculty who FERP during both semesters will not see a change.

Fall only FERP will no longer be "settled" or paid out the 2 months in January.  Instead, you will receive 1 month of pay in January and 1 month of pay in February.

Spring only FERP will receive first pay in February 2020 - NOT in January as previous years.  Also, you will be offered one month of COBRA for your Vision insurance as an option for February.

 Yes, you are.  Your pay is outlined on your appointment notice.