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Faculty Affairs

New Hired Faculty

The Onboarding Process

When an application and appointment notice/contract is received from the department, Faculty Affairs will invite New Hire Faculty to a Payroll Intake Presentation to complete Payroll Paperwork.  

A new hire Payroll Intake Session is necessary if an employee:

  • has never worked for Fresno State
  • has not worked within the past two current semesters
  • was a former TA or previous substitute lecturer and receives a new lecturer position
  • was/are a previous Student Assistant, ISA, or GA and now a new TA. 

 If you are new to the university or have had a break in service of twelve (12) months or longer, you’ll need to complete hiring documents. Your pay cannot be processed and you will be unable to sign up for benefits, if you are eligible, until this process has been completed. You are required to sign new employee paperwork in the Office of Faculty Affairs if one of the following applies:

  • You are new to California State University, Fresno
  • Your previous employment at this campus ended more than twelve (12) months ago
  • You previously held a Unit 11 (TA, GA, or ISA) position or Student Assistant position and now a candidate as Lecturer

All offers of employment to new employees are contingent upon presenting, within three (3) working days of the initial date of appointment, documents demonstrating the appointee's identity and work authorization consistent with the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act. Contact the Office of Faculty Affairs office for a list of acceptable documents. You must present a current original Social Security Card verifying legal name for tax reporting. (This is a Payroll/IRS requirement). You are required to complete and sign the I-9, Authorization of Right to Work, no later than your first day of employment.


Onboarding presents a brief overview of the hiring process as well signing Payroll documents, and provide information to locate and understand some of the policies and procedures associated with your position. 

Onboarding is currently being conducted online through our recruitment system. Onboarding Tasks are given to new hires to complete.  

In order to complete the Payroll Documents in a timely manner, we will invite you to a apply and accept an online offer. The days and times will be sent as they may change depending upon availability of rooms.


To complete the new employment forms - you will initiate an Adobe Sign forms with the various Payroll Documents and other new hire information forms. You are required to electronically sign the forms. Our office will contact you to verify your documents (i.e. Zoom) to verify your original Social Security Card and documents required for the Employment Eligibility Verification form (possible documents are listed on the I-9 form).  If you have questions please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at 559-278-3027, or email at 

Once you have signed your Appointment Notice (after completing your Payroll Documents), the Office of Faculty Affairs will initiate the hiring process to establish your role as an instructor.

(a) If you already have a Fresno State Email, you will have access to the MyFresnoState portal, giving you access to your class roster, Canvas. You will need to contact the Technology Support Desk @ 559-278-5000 to obtain a password to access your email and for questions related to MyFresnoState.

(b) If you do not have a Fresno State Account/Email, you will receive instruction on creating your Fresno State Account through the New Hire Onboarding Tasks.

Email is accessed through Google Mail. More information is available at the Technology Service Desk website

Effective 8/17/20 

Bulldog ID Card: All new Temporary Lecturers will obtain Faculty/Staff ID Application during the New Hire Onboarding Zoom Session. After receiving the form, you will proceed to Bulldog Card Office on the first floor of the Joyal Administration Building, Room 156  (You will need to a Photo ID with the form).  Your Fresno State E-mail will be link to the card, as you will use the Bulldog Card for any Copier Machine access. 

Parking Authorization: Anyone parking a vehicle on campus must pay a parking fee and display a parking permit. Parking authorizations are available during the New Hire Onboarding Session. After receiving the confirmation, you will proceed to the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of the Joyal Administration Building, South Lobby. The permit may be purchased by the term on your contract (either semester or academic Year). If a yellow permit is not purchased for the term, Daily permits are available from dispensers located at entrances to various "green" parking lots. Please note: Once the temporary permit is purchased, there will be no refunds.

 Understanding Your Appointment Letter

The terms of your appointment are identified in the boxes on the front of your offer letter. Your specific teaching assignment is included on the reverse of the appointment letter you have received. Appointments are identified by semester but can be offered based on a single semester or for the full academic year.

  • Contract Type = semester or academic year
  • Salary Grade = salary rate commensurate with highest degree, teaching experience and available funding within the individual department (see salary information below)
  • Annual Entitlement = information pertaining to entitlement refers to similar assignment as identified in Article 12 of the CBA. If you have not worked two semesters in the past Academic Year, you will not have an entitlement.
  • Start Date = first academic workday of the semester
  • Semester End Date = last academic workday of the semester (may vary from actual last date worked)
  • Appointment End Date = based on contract type (semester, academic year or 3-year appointment)
  • Semester = Semester or term of the contract
  • WTU’s = weighted teaching units assigned for the semester, check with your department for your complete assignment.
  • Per WTU Rate = salary rate per weighted teaching unit (FT Base Rate x 12 / 30 = per WTU rate)
  • Actual Monthly Salary = total semester salary spread over six (6) equal payments
  • Semester Salary = total salary earned for the semester

Full-time Base Rate = pay rate based on full-time equivalent load of 15 weighted teaching units (wtu’s)

Salary Payment

Benefits Information:

 CSU Executive Order 1095 (Systemwide Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking Policy – rev June 23,2015)

CSU Executive Order 1096 (Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking against Employees and Third parties and Systemwide Procedure for Addressing Such Complaints by Employees and Third Parties -- rev March 29, 2019)

CSU Executive Order 1097 (Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking against Students and Systemwide Procedure for Addressing Such Complaints by Students – rev March 29, 2019)

CSU Executive Order 1098 (Student Conduct Procedures – rev March 29, 2019)

CSU Executive Order 1083 (Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect)

Internal Basic Contact Information Form


Department/Office Phone

Business Cards

Syllabus/Office Hours requirement