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Faculty Affairs

ePortfolio and eWPAF

Using Interfolio

2020-2021 eWPAF's for all RTP reviews: Probationary Plans, 2nd/3rd year full reviews, 3rd/5th Off-year reviews, 4th/5th full reviews, Tenure and Promotion

To access your Interfolio Account

  • Log in to MyFresnoState
  • Go to Faculty Self Service page
  • Select Interfolio.

Seeing / Building / Submitting your case

  • Cases will be generated for all required reviews beginning in August 2020.
  • To request a case such as Promotion or Early Tenure use this Google Form
    • Note:  Requesting a case does not require you to submit the case for review.
  • The case is similar to the paper binder with sections already built-in.  You will upload and arrange your files much like the paper binder.
  • On or before the deadline, you will ensure that all sections of your case are submitted.
  • When you submit your case by the deadline, it is available to the Dean's office for the addition of items from the PAF that may be missing, such as Student Ratings, Peer Evaluations, prior reviews, etc.
  • The Dean's office will then forward the case for the first level of Review - the Department.

Faculty have two access points to Interfolio, Dossier and California State University, Fresno

  • To switch between Dossier and California State University, Fresno (Cases)- click on your name in the upper right corner (on the black header), then select either Dossier to access your private workspace or California State University-Fresno to access your cases (eWPAF).
  • File naming convention suggestion (Word)

Direct links to Interfolio Online Help Guides


The default read and display order of files in a case will be the order you load the files. 

You can rearrange the files by dragging the loaded files to a different order. 

Send an email to provide the section(s) you wished unlocked.  

No.  Using the Dossier is an option.  You may use Google Drive, your computer, or other available electronics storing methods.

Yes, it does.  It is not placed in any Collection automatically, but it is in your Materials.

Put the tables after your narrative.  Location is not critical; however, placement after your narrative would allow for a continuity of information.