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Faculty Affairs

Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty

Policies and Procedures for Range Elevation

Other Policies related to Range Elevation

  • APM 322 Policy on the Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness
  • Department Policies on Teaching Effectiveness - click here

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  • Range elevation is the advancement of a temporary instructional or librarian faculty member from one salary range to the next following a campus review process. 

Application and Procedures

  1. Calendar here
  2. The review process is described in APM 332
  3. Criteria are described in APM 332
  4. Interfolio will be used as the tool to house the evaluation materials.
  5. More information on accessing Interfolio is found here
  6. Training on Interfolio and by College will be offered by Faculty Affairs calendar (pending)
  7. Indicate your interest in applying by completing this Google Form here

Eligibility for applications during 2020-2021 to be effective Fall 2021

Method A: Standard Method using SSI MAX and Years in Rank.  Criteria - both must be met.  

  1. No more eligibility for Service Salary Increases (SSIs) or at SSI Max (regardless of FMIs) for your current salary range or rank.  Salary information by rank can be found here.
  2. At least five years of service in your current range or rank in the same department.

Method B: Calculating Full-time Adjusted Serviced (FTAS).  At least six years of FTAS in the same department at your current range or rank.  Eligibility is determined separately for each department you are assigned.

  1. FTAS each year will be summed over the entire number of years the faculty member has been in the current range to generate total FTAS.
  2. In any given year, an individual can only be credited with a maximum of 1.0 FTAS, total FTAS cannot exceed the number of years since the individual was appointed to the current range.
  3. For each academic or fiscal year, FTAS is defined as the average time base (FTE) worked over the year, divided by 0.8, and up to a maximum of 1.0 for that year. Average FTE can either be determined from the FTE assigned each term or by adding up the number of WTUs assigned over the academic year and dividing by 24.
  4. Calculator to help with calculating your eligibility here EXCEL