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Academic Senate

GE Assessment Subcommittee

For the purposes of GE assessment, common criteria or a rubric with a minimum of two criteria will be used to evaluate student work. 

To View the entire committee charge, please go to this link (pdf).

Committee Members

  • Mario Banuelos - (CHAIR) (College of Science and Mathematics)
  • Alina Mendez - (College of Social Sciences)
  • Katherine Fobear - (College of Social Sciences)
  • Sunantha Teyarachakul - (Craig School of Business)
  • Nicole Ray - (Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology)
  • Nupur Hajela - (College of Health and Human Services)
  • Daniel Calleros - (College of Arts and Humanities)
  • Amrit Deol - (College of Social Sciences)
  • _______________ - (Student Representative)
  • Douglas Fraleigh - (Ex-officio) 
The minutes for GE Assessment
Date Minutes Resources
10.14.20 MINUTES N/A
09.09.20 MINUTES N/A
03.11.20 MINUTES N/A
12.11.19 MINUTES N/A
11.13.19 MINUTES N/A
10.09.19 MINUTES N/A
09.18.19 MINUTES N/A
03.13.19 MINUTES N/A
04.10.19 MINUTES N/A
02.13.19 MINUTES N/A
12.05.18 MINUTES N/A
11.07.18 MINUTES N/A
10.10.18 MINUTES N/A
09.26.18 MINUTES N/A
01.24.18 MINUTES N/A
11.17.17 MINUTES N/A


Prior Minutes

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