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Faculty Affairs

Academic Policy Manual

100 - Organization and Governance

Documents are linked to the section numbers.

101-110 University Organization
Last Updated Section Description
May 1993 102 Mission Statement—California State University, Fresno
Oct 2001 103 University Statement on Academic Freedom
July 1986 109 Advisory Boards
March 2001 110 Policy on Ancillary Units [Ancillary Unit Status Form]


111-125 Academic Organization     
Last Updated Section Description
Dec 2001 113 Policy on Academic Organization
December 17, 2015 114 Policy on Faculty Consultation and Voting
May 1999 122 Policy on Graduate Coordinator/Director
January 11, 2015 125 Policy on Department Chairs


126-140 Academic Governance
Last Updated Section Description
Sept 2002 127 Constitution for the Academic Assembly of CSUF
Feb 1996 128 Bylaws of the Academic Assembly
April 2014 129 Bylaws of the Academic Senate
Feb 1996 130 Bylaws of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate
May 2003 131 Procedures for Votes of Confidence
Apr 1983 136 Responsibilities of Academic Senates within a Collective Bargaining Context
Feb 2009 137 Interim Policy on Student Participation in Policy Development

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