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Faculty Affairs

Academic Policy Manual

200 - Academic and Curricular Affairs

Policy Documents are linked to the section numbers, and informational summary memos (if available) are linked to the Last Updated date. 

Policy groupings:

Undergraduate Education and Curriculum

Last Updated Section Description
Dec 2011 201 Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Majors and Minors
Dec 2004 202 Degree Guarantee Program
March 22, 2021 203 Special Major for a Bachelor of Arts Degree/Bachelor of Science Degree
November 22, 2016 205 Policy on Undergraduate Student Academic Advising
May 2005 214 Policy on Academic Undergraduate Program Discontinuance
May 17, 2013 215 General Education: Policies and Procedures
April 8, 2020 215 Assessment Policy General Education: Assessment Procedures
Oct 2006 216 Standards for Writing Course Requirements
December 11, 2019 217 Multicultural / International (M/I) Graduation Requirement


Graduate Education and Curriculum

Last Updated Section Description
Aug 1993 222 Curriculum Change Procedures for California State University, Fresno Catalog, and Procedures for Implementing New Graduate Programs
Oct 2008 223 Standards for Continuation and Procedures for Termination of a Graduate Program
Mar 1986 225 Teacher Education Policy
May 2003 226 Policy on Graduate Faculty Groups for Master's Degree Programs
May 2003 227 Policy on Graduate Faculty Groups for Doctoral Degree Programs


Undergraduate and Graduate Education and Curriculum

Last Updated Section Description
Apr 2000 204 Policy on Student Outcomes Assessment Data and Information
April 2, 2018 206 Policies and Procedures on Technology-mediated Courses and Programs **COVID-19 and APMs 206, 232, 237, and 338**
Feb 2013 207 Dual-Listed and Co-Scheduled Course Policy
May 1982 212 Policy on Certificates
May 1985 213 Concurrent Enrollment
Oct 2006 220 Interim Policy on the Procedures and Guidelines for the Periodic Review of Academic Programs
October 11, 2013 221 Policy on Blended Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
December 22, 2020 228 Policy on Student Internship


Academic Standards

Last Updated Section Description
February 8, 2019 231 Policy on Adding and Dropping Classes
March 23, 2020 232 Policy on Student Absences **COVID-19 and APMs 206, 232, 237, and 338**
Jan 2011 233 Policy on Repeating Classes
Oct 2004 234 Policy on the Sale of Course Packet Materials
Apr 2001 235 Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism 

  235 Form For additional information on Cheating and Plagiarism and how to report an incident - click here
May 2005 236 Honor Code of Academic Integrity
April 2, 2018 237 Policy on the Faculty Responsibility for Accessible Instructional Materials 



Last Updated Section Description
Mar 29, 2021 241 Policy on Course Syllabi and Grading
March 26, 2018 Grades Due Deadline:

The new fall grades deadline is 8 a.m. on January 2, which is the latest grades could be posted to meet other campus functions. In the spring, the deadline will be 8 a.m. on the Tuesday following Memorial Day to give faculty more time for grading.

Feb 2008 242 Policy and Procedures on Assignment of Grades
Mar 2013 243 Policies and Procedures for Student Academic Petitions Committee
Oct 1977 244 Guidelines on Credit - No Credit Grading
Apr 1976 245 Guidelines for Granting Credit for Work Experience and Internship Courses
Jan 2006 246 Policy on Incomplete Grades
May 2003 247 Guidelines and Policies for Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Student Petitions/Appeals
Jan 2008 248 Graduate Student Petitions Committee Policy and Procedures
May 2008 249 Policy on Student Grade Notification


International Education

Last Updated Section Description
Apr 1986 276 Mission Statement - International Education
Mar 1994 277 Policy and Procedures for Implementing Tuition Waivers for Non-Resident U.S. Graduate Students
Mar 1994 278 Policy and Procedures for Implementing Tuition Waivers for International Students

Professional Enrichment

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